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Social Media: 2012: The New Year in Social Media #16

March 8, 2012 at 5:02 pm | One Comment

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On our first episode of the new year, we have a roundtable panel of experts who give their opinions on what the biggest trends of 2012 will be. Joining host Robert Tercek are Simon Mainwaring of We First, Martin Beck of the Los Angeles Times, and Maria Armoudian, author of “Kill The Messenger- The Media’s Role in the Fate of the World.”

Also, as a special offer to viewers of This Week in Social Media, Simon Mainwaring has offered 50% off admission to the We First Seminar, to be held on Feb. 1. Go to www.wefirstseminar.com and enter code THISWEEKIN to redeem your coupon!

00:0000:45 Welcome to 2012!
00:45 Introducing Simon Mainwaring and We First!
1:08 Maria Armoudian, author of Kill The Messanger
1:31 Martin Beck, Social Media Editor for the Los Angeles Times
02:35 The Showdown: Facebook vs. Google+
03:00 Simon Mainwaring on Google, and how they will succeed in their Google+ venture
03:45 Robert on the traditionally weak Google UI and the improvements in that area
04:46 Martin Beck on Google+ brand pages
06:40 Is Facebook a pedastal?Has the meaning of the word “Friend” changed?
07:30 Simon Mainwaring: When Google is quiet, LISTEN UP!
08:12 Did Facebook screw up when they turned off their blog support feature and moved to notes?
12:35 Twitter as a “pull quote”
12:59 Twitter as a repeater mechanism, or amplifier
14:03 LA Times use of Twitter
16:30 Finding credibility in the Social Media era
16:59 Simon Mainwaring on the effect of authenticity demands on modern social media
18:00 Why CEO’s don’t blog!
19:05 Why putting a human face on your company has value
20:00 The effects of social networking on politics according to Maria Armoudian
20:45 Simon Mainwaring on the dynamic of the “Man, Woman, and the Machine.”
23:00 Distribution channels and how they affect the conversation
24:29 Martin Beck: print journalism has 5 years to live
25:00 Maria on the dangers of misinformation
28:00 Are media industries being killed by the internet, or changed?
28:40 Does shortening our messages dumb our audiences?
30:00 Arab spring!
30:30 Growing media in the middle east
32:00 Using quadcopters to surveil police activities
33:00 There is still a power structure at play in social media revolutions; Tunisia would never have happened if the military hadn’t sided with the protesters
34:30 The disappearance of privacy in 2012
36:00 Simon Mainwaring on the universal nature of social media
37:00 Robert Tercek: biggest trend for 2012 will be the increasing prominence of social media in politics
38:00 Introducing the We First Social Branding Seminar! Viewers of This Week in Social Media get 50% off admission by going to wefirstseminar.com and enter code THISWEEKIN
39:15 Wrapping up

March 8, 2012 at 5:02 pm | 1 comment

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