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PPC Sites: Be Earned But Not to Be Deceived By Scams

March 8, 2012 at 4:31 pm

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PPC Sites: Be Earned But Not to Be Deceived By Scams

PPC or pay per click is a common form of advertisement today. As a freelancer you’ve lots of opportunity to earn money by PPC or PTC sites. To earn from a PPC site you’ve to register their. Normally you need not any registration fees. But some sites take fee for registration. It depends upon their services. In normal PPC sites you’ll receive some advertisements daily & you’ve to click them. You’ll be paid for per click & for that reason the service is told pay per click or PPC.

A huge number of people rely on PPC sites as their earning source. More than 1 million new accounts in PPC sites are opened per month around the world. As a result the number of bux sites is increasing every day. But there are also many scam sites those will not pay you for your work. They’ll give you affiliate links & ads to click. And you see your account balance is increasing also. But during money withdrawal you’ll see that your withdrawal request is not accepted & you’ll be scammed. There are some other types of sites those will take money from you & after a certain they’ll escape or make their site offline.

So, to keep you save from being scammed you can take some steps before registration.

•    The best way of choosing a site is taking suggestion for your friend or any other familiar persons whom were paid from this site before.
•    If you don’t have any familiar person then you can see the web site review from popular review sites.
•    You can also visit PPC forums & ask there about your desired site. You’ll get some answers from them.
•    The trusted sites contain SSL certificate. So, you can also verify your site by SSL.
•    Besides, you can also test the withdrawal option. Normally moneybookers & alertpay are used for withdrawal. So, you can also contact to moneybookers or alertpay authority to ask about the site. If they give you green signal then you can easily rely on this site. And this is the best way of verifying the site.

So, to use PPC sites always be careful about scamming because thousands of people are being deceived daily by scam sites. And if you find any scam site try to spread it everywhere trough online social media. Then a lot of people will be safe from being pretended by fraud sites.

March 8, 2012 at 4:31 pm

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