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Google Adsense: How to Be Approved?

January 15, 2013 at 9:35 am

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Google Adsense: How to Be Approved?

At present there are millions of sites those you can visit. And a huge portion of our generation is now depending on web sites to fulfill their varieties of demands. There are almost 1 billion internet users around the world. For that reason now many people are investing in web site business. And they are expecting huge revenue from this site and most of them want to get it from Google Adsense which is one of the Google services which offer advertisements for your site.

If you’ve the target to earn by Google Adnsense then you’ve to design an Adsense ready site which contain ‘Ad Widgets’ those have similar dimension of advertisement box. The site content should be qualified also. The sites those contain copyrighted material, spun articles, fake information, repeated contents will be disapproved by authority. So, remove those contents from your site. Sometimes Google also check for domain name owners from who.is. So, keep your information up-to-date there. But this is not always necessary.

Now launch your site properly & wait for visitors. After 1-2 weeks your site will be indexed by Google & other search engines. Now get ready to apply for Google Advertisement service.

• To apply for Google Adsense at first you’ve to : www.google.com/adsense.
• Then Go to register page & fill the form clearly.
• You’ve to give a verified Gmail Id in your email box.
• Don’t Give fake information in registration page because during money withdrawal a confirmation letter including a PIN code will be sent to your address by Google. If you fail to receive the PIN you can’t withdrawal your earnings.
• If you’ve other Adsense accounts don’t register for a new site. Just apply for advertisement using that account or your approval request will be denied.
• If someone has other accounts by your address try to change the address also because this can be also deniable by Google.
• Now they will take 48 hours from you. After 48 hours a confirmation mail will be sent to you mail containing a welcome message for approval & after that you can log into your account & use you advertisements.

After being approved a proper SEO should be done through white hat methods. This is optional but necessary because the rate of click per advertisement varies depending on site PR & traffic. It also depends upon the dimension of Ad Widgets. So, always be choosy when place a advertisement for your site.

January 15, 2013 at 9:35 am

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